• • Be mindful of where you park, please respect our neighbours. Please do not park in front of a business if it is open. ** Please note there is of plenty of on street parking.
  • • Arrive early to prepare for class. Being ready means, on your mat at the start of the class, ready to practice. If you are late please sign in with your key tag and quietly join the class. Doors open 15-20n mins before class.
  • • All students must check in at the front desk, even if you signed in online, before setting up your mat in the studio.
  • • Before and after class, ask questions! We are all here to help you. During class, please refrain from talking.
  • • Please turn off your cell phone, and when possible leave it in the lobby before setting up your mat.
  • • You will sweat in class! Athletic clothing is recommended and we request that students wear tops and bottoms with modest coverage. Stretchy shorts/pants and a form fitting t-shirt or tank top are ideal for both men and women.
  • • Please line your mat up with the tape marks on the floor. Classes can be crowded, and the marks ensure safe spacing and room for late arrivals.
  • • Stow any items that you want to bring into the studio in the cubbies. Keep the floor clear for the safety of your fellow students, the teacher and the assistant.
  • • Please mention any pre-existing injury or medical condition to the instructor BEFORE class starts.
  • • Please clean and roll up any Yoga You4ia mats in the cabinet located in the studio. Personal mats are to be rolled up and placed neatly in shelf with your name showing.
  • • If you have to leave class early, please let the teacher know before class begins and set up near the door, and leave quietly.
  • • Remember that savasana is part of your practice, and lasts only a few minutes.



I am new to yoga, what should I expect?

Congratulations! You are at the beginning of a journey that will change your life and bring you so much joy. You WILL be transformed by this practice. As with anything new, be compassionate with yourself and remember that you don't have to get everything right away. Practicing yoga is a lifelong endeavor and the basics you learn will be crucial as you build a strong practice. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class, and, for best results, to complete 10 classes in 3 weeks. This creates a solid physical base and an intellectual understanding in which to continue your journey into power! In increments, you'll build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility.


I am not sure what classes to start with?

Most classes are open to all levels.  However we have classes that are a slower pace.  Please feel free to start with any basic classes, gentle classes and possibly yang/yin.  Please take the time to read class descriptions for each class to help you decide what works best for you.  


I'm ready do take a class.  What do I do?

Show up.  All classes are drop in basic.  For your first class show up 15 minutes before class to fill out your infomation.  If you live in the Medicine Hat area your first class is free.  After that you can decide what is the best pricing option for you. Prices are located on the PDF schedule or click here. 


What should I wear?

You will want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable sweating in. Pretty much what you would wear to work out or run in....minus the socks and shoes. We recommend bringing a change of clothes to go home nice and dry.

What should I bring?

You will need a yoga mat, towel and bottle of water. If you do not have these, no worries as we rent mats and sell water at the studio.

Can I eat before class?

We recommend that you practice yoga on a fairly empty stomach, but a light snack before class like fruit or a granola bar may be just what you need for extra energy.

How much water should I drink?

You will want to drink a good sized bottle of water before you arrive for class. Coming to yoga hydrated will be most beneficial for you in the heat. During the class you can sip water when ever you need to.

What are electrolytes?

When you sweat you lose minerals and salt, that need to be replenished. Muscle cramping can be a sign of low potassium, and a headache is quite often just a sign of dehydration. Our drink of choice to revitalize is coconut water or Ultima! It is the most natural way to get your sugars and salts back after sweating. Vitamin Water, Gatorade, or Emergen-C are all good too.

How hot will it get?

We heat the room to about 33 degrees for warm and 37 degrees for hot. The heat is a natural way for your muscles to stretch and it also helps prevent injury. It is SO healing to detoxify through the act of sweating. Your first few classes may be challenging. If you are new to hot yoga you may experience dizziness or nausea but these symptoms will pass. We ask that you pace yourself and take a resting pose if you feel over heated; this allows your body to acclimate to the heat and to practice being with your experience.

But I’m not flexible, how can I do yoga?

This practice invites you to just be with where you are at in your body in the moment. Whether you feel tight and can’t touch your toes, or you are tired after a long day at work, a regular Yoga practice will yield amazing results. You do not need to know anything about yoga to begin, there is no preparation for beginning, you just step onto the mat and open yourself up to a new experience.

Will I lose weight? Build muscles?

The amazing thing about Yoga is that it will completely transform your whole body, mind and spirit. If you need to lose weight you will, if you need to build muscle you will. It all depends on what shift needs to take place in your body to bring it back to it’s most natural state. This system of yoga torches calories and awakens every cell in your body.

How often should I practice?

We know you have a hectic life so Yoga You4ia offers many classes throughout the day. For optimal results in gaining energy, decreasing stress and building a strong, pain-free body consistency is the key to success. A practice of 2-3 days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. For life-changing results practice 4-6 days per week.

How does Yoga You4ia differ from other forms of yoga?

Yoga You4ia offers a different kind of yoga practice. It's based on intuition rather than tradition. If you think you need to go to a health club to be fit and beautiful, think again. Yoga You4ia offers more than the familiar poses and breathing techniques; it offers a way to face life with a renewed personal strength.

Is Yoga You4ia safe for pregnant women?

As with any exercise program, the two general rules of thumb are to check with your physician and to listen to your own body and heed any warning signs that you are in a danger zone either for injury, overheating or overwork. Having said that, Yoga You4ia can be practiced by anyone, as long as modifications are done to accommodate for any individual's issues. Also, if you had a strong practice before you became pregnant, it does help. It's usually not a good idea to start a yoga practice as a beginner when you're pregnant. Also, there are some poses such as inversions and lying on the belly that are truly contraindicated for pregnancy. Also, as we practice in a heated room, again, it is best to discuss with your physician your interest in starting or continuing your yoga practice when you are pregnant. We also offer prenatal once a week, please see the schedule as you need to register for this class.

Punchcards/Membership Refund

Ongoing memberships may be placed on hold for short duration for vacation purposes, without penalty. Notice must be given in advance. Refund requests for a medical reason will be processed immediately without penalty. Refund requests without a medical reason can be allowed provided services already used will be billed at the appropriate rate. For example, if you have an unlimited membership commitment of 6 months, and cancel early, you will be charged the monthly rate for the months of the membership you have used. Refunds will not be offered for drop in classes. Drop in classes are non transferable.

Workshop and Specialty Classes (kids & pre/postnatal) Refund Policy

Workshops and specialty classes are first come first serve, please register by purchasing online, by phone or email. Payment in full is required prior to the first class, unless otherwise arranged. Refunds are given for cancellations up to one week prior to start date of workshop or session.
A credit will be given for cancellations less than seven days prior to start date. No refund less than 24 hours before the start time or once the workshop or new session has started. All refunds are less a $25.00 processing fee. If Yoga You4ia cancels a workshop, a full credit or refund is issued.